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Lockdown or me time?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Now we are in lock down its the perfect time for us to take some time and spend it on ourselves. Instead of worrying about not going out why not make the most of not going out. You haven't got to rush to get ready to go anywhere. You don't have to worry about rushing out the door with unplucked eyebrows because you meant to do them when the kids were in bed but ended up sitting down with a glass of wine and forgetting all about it. You don't have to scrape your hair back quickly because you over slept and you have a meeting in half an hour. You dont have to wear yesterdays trousers because you forgot to iron that dress you wanted to wear today. You have all the time in the world, why not invest it in yourself.

But I have children!

Now i understand as well as any that children are hard work and they need a lot of attention, especially when you've got to keep up with Miss Honey over there doing her daily craft session updates and you're sat there feeling like Miss Trunchbull after shouting at you kid for the 10th time because he's not concentrating and he cant divide 7329 by 67 when you haven't got a clue how to do it yourself without using a calculator but don't worry, you're doing an amazing job and im pretty sure even Miss Honey has bad days too. Life is stressful at the moment, the worry of the world falling apart, not be able to see our loved ones, loosing loved ones. I cant imagine how the key workers must feel having to leave their families for weeks to go to work not knowing if they will return home safe or not.

We all find it hard so why not take the spare time that we do have and unwind, invest it on ourselves, after all "An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly"

Why not start by running youself a nice bath using your favorite smellys, pouring youself a glass of your favorite tipple or if youd rather, a cup of tea or a hot choc with cream and marshmellows. Light some candles, put some chill out music on or your favorite tunes that take you to a happy place, when things were normal. The other day, whilst cooking the tea, i was listening to "Baby Boy" by "Big Bruvas" (dont judge) and it changed my whole mood. I felt 15 again and rather impressed that i still knew all of the words. The kids were mortified as i danced around the kitchen wrapping like i was Eminem but who are they to judge!

Put a face mask on! Give that skin some well needed love. if you dont have any.... ask your local beautician if they recommend anything or if they have any they can deliver to you!

Wash you hair thoroughly and put a hair mask on or a deep conditioning treatment! Again speak to you local stylist and see if they can recommend or deliver a suitable shampoo or mask for your hair type.

Shave you legs.... yes youre not going out and you may think sod it no one will see but its not about everyone seeing your smooth legs, its about you feeling them, you knowing that from top to toe today you are the best you can be.

Now relax.... even if its just for 5 mins before your bf/husband comes in needing the toilet, leaving the door open and the toilet seat up.

After your bath.... or shower, put your best pjs on, or if its the beginning of the day... get dressed like you would if it was a normal day. Put your best jeans on, that new top and those favorite socks.

If its at night why not get yourself another drink.... paint your toe nails, file your nails, moisturise your face, oil your hair and leave it to dry naturally or put a plait in. Put your favorite film on and light some more candles and enjoy feeling amazing!

If its day time, pluck your eyebrows, put your make up on, dry your hair, use products that you wouldn't usually have time to do. Give yourself a nice bouncy blow dry, Put some waves in your hair, treat youself to some new straighteners, use those rollers that have been sat at the back of your wardrobe gathering dust or try doing a hair up on yourself that you wouldnt usually have time to do.

Take pictures, video call your loved ones, sit in the garden, prepare a meal for a date in the lounge with your partner, enjoy the smell of you hair as it falls in your face, enjoy looking down at your freshly painted toes, enjoy how smooth your legs feel as you walk, you deserve to feel amazing! Just because we cant go out of the house doesn't mean that we have to lounge around all day feeling lazy! Selfcare and mental positivity is so important and we will all feel so much better after investing some time in ourselves.

Good luck and enjoy

Lots of Love



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